Saturday, December 25, 2010

Don't Try To Eat Them

I'm all about the thoughtful gift, as opposed to the expensive, showy gift. Don't get me wrong - I'm still okay with lavish displays of affection and welcome it wholeheartedly (see But the gifts that speak to who you are and show that the giver has really been paying attention to who you are? Those are the gifts that really mean something!

I'm sure anyone who has read at least one of these posts can attest to my mild fascination (shut up) with donuts. Okay.........

I loooooooooove those tasty little confections of fried, doughy goodness.

And what better way to keep them in my life than a gratuitous display of them? This was a Christmas present from one of my biggest fans, Smudgie. She's been very supportive and is one of the most sincere, wonderful human beings on this planet. And I don't say this just because she gave me this:


Trust me, you can't eat them. I have them purposefully turned around so you can't see the bite marks on the back side.

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