Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grown-Up Problems

Hello friends. I know, I know. It's been awhile. Miss me?

Insert sheepish grin and arms extended with a bounty of "I'm sorry" bottles of vodka.

Oh, don't give me that frowny face and huffy-puffy arms. I've been busy.

And I've got vodkaaaaaaa!

No, I haven't been "busy eating donuts". (Eyes shift with guilt from side to side as I display my best Cheshire grin.) And my air quotes aren't at all meant to be sarcastic.

Okay, they're meant to be a little sarcastic. A zebra doesn't change its stripes.

I haven't been eating donuts. I've been eating cupcakes. Shhh!! Quit yelling at me! And don't tell the donuts. They'll get all jealous and start reading my text messages and calling my work to make sure I'm there. But just so you know, cupcakes totally do it better. I've never been more satisfied. This one time, I licked the entire bit of icing off and didn't even eat the cake. It was so hot.

The past year has had its challenges. I just read through my very last post, which occurred almost a year ago to date, and felt a twinge of guilt. Almost the same feeling I get when I drive by the gym with a big box of A Taste of Whimsy cupcakes sitting in the passenger seat.

A Taste of Whimsy, you ask? What is that, you ask?

***WARNING! Shameless plug for my awesome friends who own the most amazing cupcake company.***

Want an insanely good cupcake? The kind that will leave you having naughty dreams about their buttercream? Perfect. Go. Go order gads and oodles of the maple bacon cupcake and every other flavor for that matter, then sit back and enjoy the impending cupcake-gasm. Then let me know how many hours you did on the treadmill to hide the guilt and shame of eating four of them in one sitting. I know I need at least an hour per cupcake. And in case you are too lazy to Google them, here is their website. They don't have a store yet, but a girl can dream. Go. Now. Hyperlink. Order.

So back to me and my guilt. I'm either secretly half Jewish or my mother is rubbing off on me.

The last entry I wrote talked about not shirking on my grown-up duties, taking responsibility for my life, and remembering to tend to my own side of the grass. Funny how a year has passed, and yet I am revisiting this theme. Being a grown-up really sucks.

This year, Princess and I went through some major growing pains and experienced some heavy duty scariness. Princess developed a very sudden case of Scoliosis and had to have reconstructive back surgery on almost her entire spine within a few months of the diagnosis. Our lives went into a tailspin. Questions over taking time off, recovery, and complications loomed. We became consumed and tending to our own grass became second to just mustering the strength to get out of bed. My little girl is quite the trooper, though, and made a full recovery within months!

But being a grown-up really has its down sides. I haven't been tending to my grass. I've let things go. And just like I said a year ago, it stops here. I'm going to devote more time to what is important, like my daughter, my apartment, my balcony, my responsibilities, and my faith.

Because I can tell you - the grass over on the other side isn't as pretty as I thought. It's full of heartache and unfulfilled needs. The grass over there is poisonous and full of weeds that tangle you up and suck you in, lying to you about how things could be and deceiving your heart into believing it is greener than what it really is. And after setting up camp on the other side for this long, it has been extremely difficult to move.

But I can say with certainty that my bags are packed and the strapping moving men are here to pick up the boxes.

What? Stop looking at me like that. The Single Girl doesn't lift boxes. She hires people to do that for her so that she can have more time to eat Taste of Whimsy cupcakes.

It's called priorities, my friends. And now I have mine back.

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