Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Destiny Is Calling

So last week as I stared out the window of the plane somewhere between here and Kansas City, I listened to Sheryl Crow sing on about talking to the one who made me, and I began to have a conversation with God. I thought I'd share it with you, because frankly, I found it a little humorous.

Me: Hey G. Been awhile, I know. But I'm here, in case you forgot.
God: ......silent, of course. He never says much.
Me: So I was thinking. This whole life-thing, it's kind of confusing, and yet so clear at the same time.
God: Still not saying much, but I know I have piqued interest.
Me: I've been stumbling along, trying to figure out "Your Plan". (I slyly roll my eyes.) I've made some mistakes.
God: He's laughing now...
Me: Hey! I said I was sorry for that. I've figured some things out.
God: Agrees...
Me: And yet, I'm happy.
God: Still silent, but He's smiling.
Me: That's right. I said I'm happy. Despite the fact that I'm turning into my mother, complete with mannerisms and looks, I can safely say that most days I'm a good mother.
God: Frustratingly silent.
Me: Okay, some days I'm a good mom. I only make her clean the kitchen so that I can catch up on my Friends reruns. Man, G. You sure have a way of bringing out the confessions. I was just thinking about how my life has taken a turn for the normal.
God: Annoyingly silent.
Me: G! Are you listening? I said that my life has turned normal. It's the same. EVERY. DAY. I get up, get my daughter ready for school, brew the coffee, and take her to school. I work, pick her up from school, and then I'm cooking dinner. The only excitement I'm getting out of life is when my new Food Network Mag comes in the mail. Where's the thrill? Where's the bump and groove? I'm in my 30's and this should be where I am living life!

DING! This is the captain speaking. I've turned on the fasten seatbelt sign because we'll be experiencing some pretty bad turbulence over the Rockies. This just showed up on our radar. Please take your seats!

Me: Oh. Shit.

DING! This is your flight attendant. If you turn on your air vent above you and aim the vent at your face, it will prevent you from getting sick.

Me: Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. G? I take it back. I love normal. Normal is good. I'm not destined for anything great. I'm a happy person. H.A.P.P.Y.

And then the turbulence hit. I'll never say I'm normal again.

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  1. Hilarious!! Please include this in your book ;)
    I'm enjoying your site btw. When are you ready to rip my writing apart? Laura